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Camo clothes by That’s Me, Too - baby  and  infant camo clothing, toddler camo clothes, girls and juniors camo t shirts, missy fit camo clothes

camo clothesA little bling is a good thing.  Rhinestone embellishment on shirts is very attractive but it is even more attractive on a great camo shirt. Camouflage is continuing to be a sought after pattern for the fall.  We offer custom rhinestone camo shirts in a fitted shirt – more for the junior, teen, tween and skinny minnies.  We offer a missy line for the “real ladies”.  Children’s rhinestone embellished camo clothing has greatly increased in popularity – due partly to the war in Iraq.  If you really love camo explore our great camo rhinestone embellished fatigue pants.  They bling!

In addition to softness, teens and tweens love apparel with rhinestone embellishment.   Our line of fitted camo shirts ranges in style from the basic camo tee, to the trendy raw edge, inside out seamed shirts.  These lines not only cater to teens and tweens but nowadays people in their late 20s wear this clothing.  We have found that anyone small enough to get into the clothing loves it. At That’s Me, Too! customization is very important.  If you want a fleur de lis on an orange camo shirt we make you a personalized rhinestone camo shirt. To have a custom designed rhinestone camo t shirt one need only select the camo shirt, the design, the color and the size.  We add the bling. 

While the industry tells us that children’s lines are trending toward adult styles, we find that the missy line has arrived because they loved the junior style camo shirts.  Manufacturers have answered the demand.  We now have camo shirts in plus sizes (2X) so that almost anyone can have an embellished camo shirt.  We offer “He’s hunting, I’m shopping”, “He’s fishing, I’m shopping”, “He’s golfing, I’m shopping”, and “Girls Hunt, Too” all on camo shirts.  Of course, we have a beautiful rhinestone and topaz cross that makes an almost “dressy” camo embellished rhinestone shirt.  You can pick between long and short sleeves, meeting most individual’s needs for true customization.

As the popularity of camo has grown the manufactures have moved into the baby, toddler, and little girl (and boy) lines so that the whole family can be dressed in camo.  Our outfits and camo shirts make a unique gift for any occasion. Children’s custom rhinestone t shirts are especially sassy on camo.  And new for us is the little girl camo dress.  Darling! Again, customization is our pleasure.  You give us the clever expression of your choice and we make a truly personalized rhinestone camo shirt.  The Woodland green  and digitized, just like the army, is available, but manufactures have softened the camo colors and fabrics into mild pinks and blues.  Customization and personalized is for you at That’s Me, Too!

Our most popular rhinestone items are our rhinestone embellished fatigues.  Again we can customize for you the length – offering shorts, capris, and pants.  We offer you a choice on the amount of stones you care to bling for you.  Sometimes, on request, we can add a cross, crown or stars. These pants are a great fit ranging from XXS (0-2) through 2X.  Rhinestone embellished pants range from solids to camos.  You can “blend in” or “stand out” depending on your preference.

To complete the picture of the whole family in camo, don’t forget our rhinestone embellished camo t shirts for the pets.  They range in size from XS-2X (that’s 71+ lbs. for the 2X).  How about “Got treats?” “Ruff Lauren,” or “Fur Sace” for a start.  Or just give us the name of your pet and we’ll customize it for you with rhinestones.

We strive to answer the needs of our customers.  Customization with tender loving care is normal for our business.


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Rhinestone Embellished Camo Clothes 

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